Big elder's head slightly one side, "say to me." No. 4 subconsciously roared, and then found that it was Chu Jun GUI who was talking. After seeing all the people have left, burning Yan's eyes at this time also fell on the body of The ghost heard this and looked out the door. The secretary who answered the phone immediately called. Therefore, he only defends and does not attack. He wants to use this power to arouse the awakening o Since you can't ask for anything, you can kill them directly. You don't need to waste time a There is a great fear and despair in everyone's heart. But many things don't need actual evidence at all. But these are nothing. No matter how strong his martial arts skills are, he is ranked No. 10. At 3:30, Matsumoto again issued the order to fire. Officers don't worry. What do staff officers do? Seeing Hanshan and others caressing the black ox horn, Mu Chen no longer paid attention to it, and b Chen Yuxin is also a soft body, completely leaning on the edge of Ningyuan body, deeply gasping for Shi Xiuling sighed helplessly and sighed in her heart as she watched the bloody blood of xueshazong "Drink ah --" hear Wang Dong's order, phantom four series is a cry, a huge, like a rabbit like w "Ga! Dare to hurt the creator's part!" The woman did not even look at the body of the middle-aged man, but took out a white handkerchief fr

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