The screen of light in the air keeps flashing, and the 504 names are among them, and the opponents w When he was beaten by them, he immediately found that his original plan was too optimistic. "The wind and thunder of gold has been completed, and the strength has been further improved. It is Demolish the Hongliu iron fort or something... If you demolish one, you will not take pictures of it The biggest crossbow string suddenly bounced back, and the arrows in the catapult shot out like the "That also requires you to have this qualification!" After the silent film was engraved, Xu Ni finally made up his mind: "Xu Yue, I need you to do someth "I'll go. You'll take me through the order even if you say something!" The all-round invasion of the holy spirit world, the real full-scale invasion, actually broke out su The chill on his body went away with the gaze of his eyes. Yin Shi couldn't help but feel a chil War spirit, for the body refiners, it is a very good spirit, can greatly enhance the strength! If long Jiaoyang had been trapped in the exiled area, it would have saved the reputation of the alch Now green and Green Sandalwood with small Qing moved this bed must be for song Jiawen moved. "As for the relationship with Cohen, we'll get used to it. We're not brothers in other empir "Whoever learns the thunder of cause and effect is the emperor of heaven. How can I help you?" "My God, this, this is all spirit stone!" In order to be afraid that Lou outside the news will affect the safety of Dongfang family, the bodyg Now, luoweng said, "thank you very much."

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